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18 January, 2019

Bell Nexus Taxi

Did we say the Bell Nexus is big, really big? Perhaps it’s because videos and pictures don’t always convey the size, proportion, or impact these aircraft have. With its massive 90-degree 6 tilting rotors, it houses 4 passengers and a pilot cockpit. It is powered by a hybrid-electric propulsion system using a Safran turbine. One battery pack sits on top of the aircraft in front of the turbine, and another pack below the aircraft frame. The Nexus will use Bell’s lift concept, with the 6 tilting ducted fans designed to be safe, redundant, and fairly quiet for air travel. Mitch Snyder, President and CEO of Bell, said:

“As space at the ground level becomes limited, we must solve transportation challenges in the vertical dimension – and that’s where Bell’s on-demand mobility vision takes hold. The industry has anticipated the reveal of our air taxi for some time, so Bell is very proud of this moment. We believe the design, taken with our strategic approach to build this infrastructure, will lead to the successful deployment of the Bell Nexus to the world.”

Mike Hirschberg, VFS Executive Director, also added: “The unveiling of the Bell Nexus concept highlights that the ‘Electric VTOL Revolution’ is gaining momentum.” To say the least, it is gaining a lot of momentum when a heavyweight player as Bell reveals its Nexus eVTOL.
Scott Drennan, Bell VP of Innovation, specifically told us: “Unveiling the Bell Nexus at CES was an incredible experience, and we are happy so many others were able to join us as we shared Bell’s vision for On Demand Mobility.”

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