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01 November, 2019


Do you have a nickname or are you planning to get one, well here are some of the few nicknames I managed to possess due to the people around me. If you have ever been with crazy people or around crazy people, then you have ever experienced the baptism of nicknames. They take advantage of the current situation, your behavior, weakness, strength among others. It’s also possible to give yourself a nickname depending on your interests, hobbies, role models (especially kids) or anything of your choice.

Think of the most silent guy at your college or the one you had in your high school, his behaviors, and way of leaving. After memorizing all the needed information, now make a list of various nicknames that would suit him without offending his background or his family. This is how some individuals manage to get nicknames for their colleagues though they are so many other formats of acquiring a nickname.

Well nicknames are not weird names though some people see them (nicknames) in that perspective, actually they are names like daily and normal names used by other people or a short form your name for instance; one of my nicknames is DAVE which is also a name to another person (Dave Rose) among others. In other words they try to explain personal behavior briefly if at all it aint a strange name. After some research I have noticed that nowadays people use nicknames to illustrate something horrible on another, as a form passing on an insult to a friend or anyone else which actually doesn’t fall in the image of nicknames.

Some of the Nicknames I possessed and as I said earlier most of these names were given to me by relatives, friends and colleagues; 

1.       KATALA (given by Ayub); Let us kick off this list with one of my weird nicknames in my own perspective. Katala is luganda word (one of the local languages used in Uganda) which is literally used to mean someone who is weird, kind of backward from the rest of his fellows and acts strange. So this the nickname my childhood hommie assigned me and I wouldn’t blame him because at that moment I behaved more like a weirdo to them ranging from the things they did, clothes they wore compared to mine. At first I felt insulted, under looked, sad but as time went I got used to name and if he were to call me, I would reply without hesitating as I used to do before. The name was bad to the extent of his mother refusing him to address by that name but the trend continued and eventually I got used. He was my childhood friend who we grew up together not until in 2016-17 when we parted paths in search for a perfect career. 

2.      Kagz which was given to me during my four year in high school and it’s a shortcut of my surname KAGEZI.

3.      Swift given by myself because of Taylor swift was best female artist.

4.      Snow also given by myself after watching Game of Thrones and I like Jon snow (real name).

5.      Yaya sanogo given to me by my teammates of soccer because at that time I was a striker and my goals one in a century. If you watch and follow soccer, then you might be remembering an Arsenal player called Yaya sanogo who was a forward but didn’t soccer goals.

6.      Priest given by my hommie at home because I used to prayer on a weekly basis which most them saw as being holy and so many more.
currently, my nickname is SAINT DAVE

My whole point here is, whatever nicknames you get try to embrace it because at times the name doesn’t define you or who you are.

So am giving you a chance to also give me a nickname of your choice, if its worth, I will consider it. Comment in the space below.

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