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19 December, 2019


I know you might be having so many questions like; Is it really dangerous or bad? Or How bad is it? Well according to my experience, it’s bad enough not to have a mobile phone. I was this kind of a guy who wouldn’t spend a week without a phone not until my Samsung Galaxy Note stopped working. This has just happened recently and as I write this, I don’t have a mobile phone. Well the past few weeks, I have experienced the dangers of not having a mobile phone, worst of them all is when my girl friend lost her mum and I wasn’t aware till the next morning. All am trying to say is, something bad might happen without you being aware. A phone might be expensive to maintain and have around most especially to an employed student like me but it’s always important to have a phone. 

As I said earlier, something bad might happen without you being notified. My girl-friend’s mother died without my awareness till the next morning. Anything else horrible can happen like for instance an attack on your state. Having phones now days with the improved technology can enable you access most social media platforms hence knowing what’s going on in the world.

Loss of connections with people and may be possible opportunities. Obviously when you don’t have a phone, there will be limited communications may be when you have a computer or a laptop and can access other platforms. Communication is one of core necessities that everyone needs to be successful because without communication it might be hard to contact different individuals. By the way, I remember the time I had an interview with some radio station. The interview was scheduled to happen on Thursday but worst case scenario; my phone blacked out on Tuesday and failed to function till Thursday evening when the meeting cancelled. That’s how I lost a potential employment opportunity. 

Plus being without a phone is boring and sucks. Who can even live a life without a phone?

If you told somebody 50 years ago that the most world-changing invention of the near future would be telephones you could carry around in your pocket, they'd probably look at you like you were insane but when its true.

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